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Change the dynamic data output in UI builder to something a little shorter

Hello Bubble family,

I am building a component with some dynamic data in there. But in the UI builder its outputted content is way to long and is messing up my design.

I will give an example for some more clarity:

  1. This would be the output of the dynamic data on the live website: “20:10 / 53:13”
  2. This is the data showing within the UI builder: “AudioPlayer A’s Current Time String / AudioPlayer A’s Duration String”

Is there a way to change the outputted text in the UI-builder? Because it messes up the design.

Thanks in advance!!

Complex apps need this. Smaller apps not so much but it would be impossible to build complex apps without this. It can be annoying however if you are getting massive strings of dynamics you may want to consider restructuring your app somewhere to simplify elements/data.

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