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UI changes - Bubble update caused a Bug?

We are seeing UI changes across multiple apps - like they are now wrapping where they didn’t before.

Anyone else seeing this. Have Bubble made a change today?

Yes, some responsive settings seem to have changed so I’ve had to fix a few elements. As others have mentioned, I also think this is a really bad software release practice. IMO, apps on any paid plan should somehow be protected from changes. I lose confidence each time something like this happens.

Yes, noticed this right away this morning. Some elements had to be grouped together to keep from dropping down over eachother. Total bummer not knowing exactly what caused this.

A heads up – We’ve just resoled an issue affecting positioning of elements inside containers with borders in certain apps. While the fix is rolling out incrementally, it’ll also be applied immediately to any page if you make a change that affects page layout (changing the width or position of an element, for instance).

Same here. Center-aligned group element suddenly changed to right-aligned. Settings still read “center-aligned”.

Agree with @joeyg, hard to explain to customers why things suddenly changed when I don’t know and have no control over the changes.

Problem still exists as of this writing.

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Please see my post regarding this issue and +1. Trying to bring attention to this issue:

See my post and +1. I’d like to bring attention to this and come up with solutions:

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