Unable to convert html code to bubble code (ActiveProspect TrustedForm)

I’m trying to implement the following html form at the bottom of this page that integrates with trustedform into bubble.io and I can’t figure it out


1: how to create a button of type=‘submit’ in bubble
2: the trustedform certificate seems to only show up if I have the following code snippet in an HTML element on page load

Below is the raw HTML that is working if placed inside an HTML element

  1. Create a new plugin

  2. Create an element

  3. Add this code to the initialize section


This would probably be my first approach tbh. Maybe not the best, not sure on that.

Hey Jared thanks for the note. Could you clarify exactly what you mean? Are you saying put the entire code in ‘< YOURMINIFIEDHTMLCODEHERE>’

How would this be different than putting it in an HTML element?

I apologize. Maybe I’m not understanding correctly. Using a plugin option would allow you to create an action

You could think of this like adding an button.addEventListener (“click”,function(){})in typical html. Then you could create an action within the code to submit the form using a bubble button.

Thanks Jared, I think I’m starting to understand but still confused.

Could you specify exactly what would go inside the action code-wise? I’m confused on exactly what the new plugin will contain with regards to the raw HTML code.

Do you have any code that has a similar functionality that you could share?

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