Unable to get an Alert Message for a Unique Username

Type of App: Reddit
Trying to make sure that there is unique users on the web app when they are signing up.
So I first made myself a user through the App database.,
Then I made the logic as such for a lowercase element to be one of the security feature to use in creating a username, screenshot below.

This is on the signup page where a user will get a notification that the username they selected is taken so try another.

Workflow screenshot below:

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When I use an incognito browser to test the alert notification it just logs me into the current user and not a new user disregarding the logic I created for the alert notification.

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I put my username as ‘ron’ (lowercase), then on the incognito I am signing up with that same username ‘ron’, but it do not display the alert message that 'username is taken, try another.

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Remember I had put ‘ron’ as a username in the app data already so the logic should play out.
I changed the username to ‘ronny’. Just did it in Safari incognito, using bubble with Chrome.

NEED HELP with this please. Seem simple enough but missing something. Not sure if it is due to the new responsive engine in Bubble or just my workflow logic.

Whenever you search for User data type, which you are doing in the condition, you need to double-check your privacy settings. I am other user data may not be open for searching or listing:

While checking these boxes, of course, be careful not to reveal any sensitive data. So, check this page first maybe: Protecting data with privacy rules - Bubble Docs

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Did not try this as of yet but will do so and let you know if it works.