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Sign up unique username + email only isn't working

Hey guys,

I’m wondering what i’m doing wrong here.
I am doing the same thing with my “listing titles” and it works perfectly.
but when i do this with signing up, it ignores this workflow?

Here is exactly what is happening:

When using an email I already used and a username i did not use:
I get a popup that says this email is already in use.

When using an email i already used and a username i did use:
I see the blue “status” bar (on top of safari, this indicates the page loading) completes, but nothing happens. This is what i want to always happen (because I can just throw in an alert that says sorry username or email is taken)

When using an email i did not already use and a username i did use:
It signs the user up (not what i want)

here’s a screenshot of my workflow

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Hey Ben,

I recommend that you set a conditional formating on a button that will only become clickable once the user name in unique. This way you can use an un-modified workflow to sign the user up.


ok, so i guess the way you would describe it, would be as soon as someone starts typing an alert would say “sorry this username is taken” and the sign up button is “greyed out” until a good username was typed in.

I see there’s a built in condition for not clickable…i’ll try this out tommorow and get back to you. Thanks!

Hey @AliFarahat, totally forgot about this, but i’m trying it out now and i’m a bit lost.

My goal here is to have the sign up button un-clickable when the user tries to sign up with an existing user name.

I’m trying to do this in conditional formatting, as you reccomended, but it doesn’t seem to want to accept the condition.
Here is a screenshot. Any ideas?

EDIT: I think i got it working, actually


Ya that looks good

Hey Ali, for some reason this stopped working. Are you using this in production at all? (only unique usernames are allowed to signup?)

I’ve looked through all my workflows and conditions and everything and can’t seem to figure out why my signup is allowing duplicates.

May I suggest you try ≥ instead of is

Also keep in mind as I think this is case sensitive. Very forcing the the user name to lower case.

If that doesn’t work send me a PM with a link

It’s odd as I am using the same procedure for my resource management system I am building and it works fine

ugh…im trying to debug and now this is happening…

Even though when i look at the data i can see users there along with their profile pictures, about me sections, etc. They definitely exist!. (The repeating group has a data source of “do a search for users” with no constraints. )

So its possible the “search for users count:>0” is working, but for some reason my data isn’t saving exactly correct?

do you mind sharing a link?

Ok i just fixed both issues because i had made a privacy setting that users can’t be found in searches by “regular users”.

But i want that privacy setting active because Bubble says that the only way to ensure specific data is private is to make sure your data privacy rules are correct. The workflow checking for the same usernames breaks if you set a privacy rule that says “regular users” can’t use searches on the user list.

@emmanuel can you weigh in on this? Is it possible for you guys to add a checkbox in the sign a user up workflow that says “only unique usernames” so we can prevent users for doing searches on the user list? Unless i’m mistaken about how the privacy tab works…

Thank you!

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We’ll put that on the list. Not a quick fix though, and I can see different users having different requirements there so we’ll need to think about it carefully.

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