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"Unable to parse the type for this backend API"

I’m getting this in my “Issues”


Can anyone tell me what it actually means and what may have caused it. I’m concerned that I’m going to have to keep initialising it manually.

If anyone can shed any light on it, I’d be most grateful.

All the best

Did you click on the error?
Actually, this mean that your Backend WF endpoint received data that Bubble cannot parse. You need to reinitialize them with Detect request data

Thank you for coming back to me. I did click on it and I hit the “Detect Data” button and it just sat there saying “Detecting Request Data” until I hit Cancel. The app works though and Stripe payments seem to be successful so I don’t know why it’s saying there’s an issue.

Do you receive webhook to this bakcend wf? If no, delete it. The detecting request data will stay stre until you receive a new webhook

I hit the Detect button again on each WF and hit Resend the Webhook info then just hit Save on the fields and the issues vanished so I guess that’s a good thing. No idea why they stopped working though. Is that normal? If so, how do I ensure they don’t stop working in future because I don’t want to have to keep manually resending the data if they do.