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Not Detecting Request Data

Hello everyone, I’m facing an issue where I have an API endpoint set to receive webhooks. The issue is that when I send a webhook to it, it does not detect the webhook, I have it set to detect data as seen below:

And on the other side, I’m providing the endpoint URI to Meta in order to subscribe to Whatsapp Cloud API webhook.

The webhook is sent from Meta, and bubble is supposed to receive it and send a verification response, however bubble doesn’t receive it at all.

I have tried receiving the same webhook via, and it’s receiving it flawlessly.

Any leads would be appreciated. I would also love to know if there is any easy way to receive bubble webhooks externally ( requires a subscription), and then forward the data to bubble via an Api call.

Is your Bubble app on a paid plan?

Yes, it is. It receives Webhooks from Shopify just fine, but not from WhatsApp.

Consider contacting Bubble support. Please let us know your findings. :smiley:

(I suspect that they may not be accepting heavy “incoming” traffic)

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Hello bubblers, did you solve this issue?
We are also going through this.

Hello contanto, I could not find a solution to the issue so I managed to resolve it by using HookDeck as a solution, I suggest you to do the same if you haven’t found a solution yet.

Having the same problem trying to recive webhooks from Stripe, it is stuck on the detecting request data pop up.

Currently im in the Hobby plan wich supposedly enable api end points

Olá. Esse webhook de verificação é do TIPO GET.

Até pouco tempo atrás, o Bubble não aceitava acionar um WF com uma chamada do tipo GET, aceitava apenas do tipo POST. - O recurso “Initialize” é apenas para chamadas do tipo POST.

Veja esse novo recurso:

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Como configurar o Webhook do meta

Se você conseguir avançara nos webhook de Eventos, por favor, compartilhe conosco.