Creating webhooks generates "unable to parse the type of this backend API" error

Whenever I create a backend API I immediately get this error:

We were unable to parse the type for this backend API. Please re-initialize the detected fields

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Hello @brenton.strine

Change the parameter definition to manual

Why? Don’t I need it to be set to detect?

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Detect is used for calls where you want Bubble to automatically parse incoming calls to the endpoint.

Manual provides you with the ability to build the parameters yourself

If you want to activate the endpoint via detect just be ready to send a call to it. Press detect data when so and Bubble will let you initialize it.

Below a video where setting up a Bubble endpoint is shown. Just focus on the part where the endpoint is done which is straightforward. :smiley: After initialization do not forget to take out “initialize” from your webhook source (in the case of the video … Stripe as an example).

Yeah, I am pretty sure I need to use detect. I just don’t understand why it’s causing the error.

In that tutorial video it doesn’t create an error when he creates it. On mine it creates an error instantly.

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Is you app under a paid Bubble plan?

Yep, it is

I’ve been scouring the internet and I’m seeing a few things come up related to https vs http… could this be the cause for this error?

I’ve looked through my settings and everything seems to be working correctly on the https/http front.

This is preventing me from being able to finish setting up Plaid because I need the webhook to work.

@brenton.strine Please do share with us what Bubble support tells you.

Will do, unless someone here can help me figure it out sooner! :crossed_fingers:

running into the same issue @brenton.strine

Were you able to fix it? or did you submit it as a bug to bubble?

I’m also having issues with this. Wasn’t sure if it was something on the Plaid side where I needed to make a change - but I’ve literally found zero explanation for this and from what I understand of Plaid, Detect is absolutely required so Manual does not work.

If we do have to use Manual, can we make changes in the bottom section?

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I’m sorry I forgot to reply here.

Turns out it’s completely normal to have that warning pop up! It actually doesn’t indicate an error at all!!!

The warning is there to let you know it isn’t done yet. When it’s like that, you trigger the API on the other end and it will receive it, then you can save it and everything should be good. It was a while ago so I’m forgetting the exact sequence, but the important takeaway is: this is not actually an error!!!


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