Unable to save input to database

Hi all,
New to Bubble and hoping to get some help here. It’s likely with input workflows and database setup.

I created a pop up for a user to edit a ‘Seller Profile’. From there the user can answer questions. Upon saving, the answers should appear on the user’s profile.

However, I’m having some problems.

  1. Upon hitting ‘save’ for the inputs on the popup, the database is not registering that the ‘Market Vertical’ or ‘Business Segment’ fields are stored.

  2. When entering the inputs on the pop up, the answers briefly appear on the profile when testing in Preview, but then go away when I navigate elsewhere in the app.

If it matters to anyone out there, I’m using the Linky template by Zeroqode

The app is private, so we can’t take a look. You can make it public in the settings.

Thanks for responding Nigel - I ended up deleting inputs and re-doing the workflow and it seemed to work now. But I appreciate the offer for help!