Help to a newbie please!

Hello, I have tried to find the solution to my problem on the forum/videos but I haven’t been able to work it out.

My app needs a profile to be created. I have done all what it would look like and put inputs like “user name” / mobile number, etc.

I have done (in the workflow) the “create a new thing” - “profile”.

My question is… How can I do for the data to be kept and be able to be looked at, once the user “saves” it / clicks the “saving data” button?

Thank you very much!

Set you up this example app. It saves the data, and then goes to a page where you can see the data you just saved.

If you want the data to be for only the current user, you can set up the profile fields on the current user.

Test link:

Thank you very much!!

Hey! thank you but actually what I would need is rather a page that takes me from login to the profile page by saving the data from the signed up.
How can I do that??