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My data isn't saving. Because of this it won't show data

I can’t get some of my data to save when I input them and because of this I can’t display the data nor can users edit the data.

Why is it not saving? What are the steps of your wofkflows? Have you checked your logs, or used the debugger to see why?

Can’t give much help with so little info to go on, so feel free to share more if you want any specific help.

Yes. I am sorry for being such a noob with Bubble. I went to the preview and tested changing the “Listing Price” data and after I submitted the form this is the error message from the debugger below.
There shouldn’t be any workflows.

You either need a workflow to change data in your database or you need to autobind that field. If you haven’t done either of those then your data won’t be saving.

As @equibodyapp says, if you aren’t using a workflow to save your data then the only other way to save it is to use autobinding.

But the fact that you said you ‘submitted the form’ suggests you’re not using autobinding (as there wouldn’t be any particular need to ‘submit’ it if you were) - so I’m assuming you’re not using, nor intending to use, autobinding here.

So, you need to create a workflow to save your data.

If you’re that new to using Bubble, then I highly recommend starting at the beginning and learnign how to create and edit data first - so check out some of the Bubble tutorials to get you started and on the right track.

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Okay thank you for all of this. Yes, I am new to Bubble and I did the tutorials this morning. Some of it I am still trying to get used to and understand. What is autobinding?

Saving Data - Bubble Docs

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So If I read that doc correctly. The auto binding should automatically update from the input form the where the text is being displayed? So i’m confused because when I click on the “edit” button the input I originally put isn’t there anymore.

I hope that makes sense.

So If I read that doc correctly. The auto binding should automatically update from the input form the where the text is being displayed? So i’m confused because when I click on the “edit” button the input I originally put isn’t there anymore.
I hope that makes sense

Without more context it’s going to be difficult to get any help here…

What ‘edit button’ are you talking about? What does it do? What input? Isn’t where?..

If you want any specific help you’ll need to provide much more info about your specific problem, and screenshots of your workflows and data structure are always helpful too.

So feel free to share more info if you want someone to try to help with your specific problems.

Okay thank you. I will be writing a much more detailed explanation of my situation with screenshots later.

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Okay, first off I have attached a Loom of the issue when looking as a user of my app.

The red text is supposed to be the listing price of a project and it’s being displayed as a Visual Element: Text and when you click on the edit button and the popup comes up. The listing price is an Input Forms: Input.

There is only one workflow for Input Price and it goes like this:
When Input Listing Price’s value is changed → Step 1 (and the only step)

Screenshot 2021-12-30 8.47.36 AM

I really hope this helps you understand the issue. By the way. The setup is very similar to the Closing Date section which isn’t saving either.

So everything is working fine? Or is there a problem still?

There is still a problem. When you update the field Listing Price or the field Closing Date. It won’t update everywhere. Please refer to the Loom video. I show how it’s not updating everywhere.

I don’t understand…

Your workflow is changing the price, which from the video you posted is working fine.

If you want to change the date you’ll need to to that in your workflow as well.

Let’s focus on the listing price. The issue isn’t that the workflow isn’t changing the price when I edit it. The issue is on the popup screen the listing price doesn’t show. So in the Loom video I change the listing price and then click the edit button again and the Listing Price is blank. I want everything saved on the screen just like the address field.

The address field saves everywhere. On the popup screen and on every other page and group in the application.

I think you’re getting confused about a few separate concepts here (such as data in the DB, and elements and input displaying data etc.) - If your data saves then it saves (it can’t save in one place but not in another, that doesn’t make any sense)- if the data not displaying correctly where you want it to then that’s an issue with how you’re trying to call the data, not how or if it’s being saved.

Without more info about what your currently doing it’s impossible to give any more specific guidance - but I’d start by checking the initial content of the inputs in your popup, it’s likely there a mistake in the datasource for that.

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Hi there, @jakeyeaton… to try to complement the help that Adam has been providing, I will second the thought that the reason the closing date and listing price inputs are empty on the popup is because you likely haven’t set the Initial content for those inputs to the closing date and listing price of the Popup Project's project. So, open the editor for those inputs and set their initial content fields, and you should be good to go on that front.

Now, the fact that your screenshot of the workflow to change the listing price is showing This input's value leads me to believe you don’t have the workflow tied to the Save button, but rather you have the change being made when the input’s value is changed. So, I would get rid of that workflow and create a new one that is tied to the Save button. In that workflow, make changes to the Popup Project's project, and the changes to make are to set the listing price field to the listing price input’s value and set the closing date field to the closing date picker’s value.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you so much for this breakdown. I made the changes you have recommended and I just wanted to double check I did everything right.

So here is a full Loom video of my set up and what is going on which the pages.

Currently you’re setting your input’s initial values to the input’s values - which doesn’t make any sense, and is why you’re getting the circular reference error messages.

You want to set the inputs’ initial values to the popup’s Project’s values instead.

Having said that, I can’t see from your video why the data is not saving, I’d need more information to diagnose that problem.

But first I’d recommend running the debugger on the click of the save button to see what’s going on there.