Uncheck custom state button when another button is selected


I have a repeating group with a database of various entertainers and a side menu (also repeating group) which works as a filter for database group. For example, you can choose to show only bands or only duos, trios.

I’ve added one more repeating group with separate filters for show performers: dancers, acrobats, etc.

The problem is, when I check one option from one group, the other’s group option should become unchecked, but it stays checked. How can I solve this issue?

Demo video

Hi there, @chuprygin… if you are using custom states to store a selected option from each group, then what you described should be as simple as setting another state to set the other group’s custom state to empty. Have you tried that already?


Hi @mikeloc, thanks. Sounds like this should work, but I’m not quite sure how to set this up properly…

What does the workflow look like when one of the cells in one of the repeating groups is clicked? I assume you are using the Set state workflow action to set a custom state to the current cell’s item? If that is correct, simply set another state in the same action, and set the other repeating group’s custom state to empty (that is, leave the value blank).

Thanks a lot! This solved the problem:)

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