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Unexpected Server Error when testing API workflow endpoint

I am trying to access an API workflow endpoint that I’ve set up.

As a simple test, I have an endpoint “/api_test”

I am trying to access it via https://[myapp]

I am getting this error
“message”: “Unexpected server error, please try again later”,
“code”: “1490892657115x292”

It should just be returning a simple plaintext “ok”

That’s the kind of message that you should report through a bug report. It’s the easiest for us to look into it in a real-life situation.

:slight_smile: ok. Now I know! Do you want me to do that now?

Well if you want us to look into it yes, that’d be great.x

Is there a delay between when I create the new workflow, and when its actually available? I just tested it again and its working now. I don’t want to clutter you with a bug report, if thats the case

There shouldn’t be a delay, let us know if that happens again.

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