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Error when testing workflow API (webhook)

I’m sending a test to my workflow api to receive the post from my server. but in the test itself I already get an error, asking to check if the url is correct.

I tested it with and I can get the post data from my service., only on the bubble that returns this error

Note I have the detection popup open

I wasn’t able to pinpoint your issue exactly, but for testing APIs and Webhooks, I would recommend using Postman

I managed to create a workflow api, to receive in my app bubble post from an endpoint when I have updates. but the URL generated by the bubble doesn’t work on my endpoint it always gives me an error and asks me to check the url I used this site mentioned above to test, because it generates a compatible URL to receive endpoint post. It worked perfectly, I suspect it could be the bubble URL or alga incompatibility of the two services. The service that will send the webhook to my bubble application is the emby media server