'Unhide' data when a specific element in an RG is clicked'


I’m trying the achieve the following in the onboarding process:

I have a list of artist categories set up as Option Sets (“Artist Main Category”) : Singer, Band, Comedian, Other etc. For some of these, there are subcategories, that I’d like the user to select from.

So for Other for instance (which is the last cell), when click it, I want it to display some other options to choose from (which are stored as “Artist Other Category”. Now, when I say display, I’m not concerned necessarily whether this actually unhides something, or it’s a Popup (or something different), but my question relates to how I get a specific cell (or rather, a specific selection from the database) within an RG to then do something.

I have a number of set states that take me through the onboarding process when the ‘next’ button is pressed, but I’d prefer this option to be within the same ‘state’ step.

Anyone care to throw a rookie a bone?

You can place a RG, set it to not visible in page load, make sure you check “collapse when hidden” and add a button. Attach a workflow to the button that performs the element action “show” and select the repeating group to show.

Thanks for responding.

I should perhaps have been clearer. What I’m trying to do is have the new information appear based on a specific cell selection within the RG. So, I get how to start a workflow on a button press, or even from a press on an RG, but I don’t know how to do that from say choices, 1, 3 and 5 in a repeating group of 10, but not the other ones.


Not sure if it would work but you could have the button set the custom state to the current cells’s index number which would change state to # of current cell. Then you could have the thing disappear or whatever you want when custom state is the number of the current cell.

I think I understand you now.

What you could do is make a custom state. For instance, “subcategories” and make it a list. As soon as someone clicks a repeating group you can add that main category item to the subcategories list. The list will in the end be populated with the main categories.

You can than have a RG that displays the subcategories based on the entries from the main list. So if the list contains “Band” ( main categorie), you can show in that repeating group Queen, Aerosmith, Coldplay etc (sub categorie) by making those sub categories visible when main category is in the subcategories list.

Is this a possible solution for your use case?

Thanks! Will check it out shortly.

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