Hiding a group within a RG in all cells

How do i tell an action to hide a group within a Repeating Group on all cells?

You could use a custom state for this. In the group in the Cell, make sure it’s referencing some element NOT in the Cell for the condition. If the repeating group is in a group called Group Dog, you could do something like:

When Group Dog’s customState = 2, this group is not visible.

Then, have the Action change Group Dog’s customState value to 2.

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But i have another group within each cell that toggles this group, and this RG is in a popup, a user might toggle it, but i want it to be hidden when the popup is opened by default, so if the user toggled it on this time, when he opened the popup again it should be hidden

The first thing that comes to mind involves API workflows on lists and making changes to a data field on each individual thing. That sounds like overkill, too complex, and likely to be slow. I’m going to think a bit more on this one before coming up with a solution.

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