Unique Dropdown Values?

Hi everyone,

Hopefully someone has come across this issue, does anyone know how to display only unique dropdown values?

For example:


With this setup, I’ll get multiple New York’s (for example).

The problem is that if I set the Type of Choices to text (to enable unique elements), my dropdown looks like:


I can’t set the Option Caption to a city name.


When you set the type of choice to text make sure your search is ‘search for event’s city’.

Unless the city field is also an object that should return city as a text string and display properly in your drop down.

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Hi @eli,

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work:


I can’t select any option for the “option caption” so I get the “object Object” dropdown values.

Is the city field a text field or a link to an object (thing)?

A text field (of geographic address).

I ended up adding a city data type and that served as a workaround.

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That makes sense then as the geographic address is an object field. Glad you were able to get it working!