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Unique ID(or slug) for a page that has a repeating group on it


I have a page that has a RG as the main focal point. That RG page needs to have a unique URL to it. Right now it does not – it keeps the normal page name but doesnt have a unique ID. The issue for me is that each user/company will be able to share that page on their website with an iFrame but since the URL is not unique, all external websites will be directed to the same URL. Each user/company needs its own unique URL.

I tried to add slugs but it did not work for the page since it isn’t based off of one cell but the entire RG. Can someone please assist?


Give the page a type

Do you mean type of content? I do have that set and I also have a backup field for URL and it still doesn’t change the URL.

If you send content to the page and assign the type a slug it changes the url each time

Do you see something wrong with what I’m doing?

You are sending a list. The page holds one thing …. not a list.

Your list should be about something. Set that something to be the page’s thing and send it.

Your RG should search or display that thing list of things

I’m sorry I don’t follow. In my screenshots, what is the list I am trying to send? What something should be the pages thing? And how to you search or display that things list of things?

I need the page to show the entire list of things not just one cells thing.

Parent group jobs

Yeap that is what I explained. The page holds one thing and the rg many of a different one that is related to the page’s one. They are not the same. The page thing is what is common to the rg one.

If your dB is not structured that way then how do you expect to have a url that is different each time? :innocent:


A building
An apartment

Page is Building 1 with RG apartments from building 1

Same page now is Building 2 with RG apartments from building 2

The slug in the url is building-1 or another url is building-2 … and so on

Best of luck with your project :+1:t2:

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