Unique Username

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it’s working fine. But there’s a new problem. I mean i have a username ASDF and whenever i try to write any username with alphabet A it says that username doesn’t exist.
In short bubble is just looking at the first alphabet in the database and then saying that username exist.
What should I do?

Infact whenever I try to write anything the error message displays.

Looking at your setup, you’ve got multiple things going on here.

The first thing you want to do is to have the input check the list of usernames. Right now, all you’re doing is checking to see if there are any usernames, you’re not checking to see if the entry in your input actually matches anything.

Second, you want the text to display ONLY when the current input value is in the username list. The way you have it set up right now, is that the Username Exists text will show up ANYTIME there is more than one username in the list AND the user has typed ANYTHING in the text box. So basically, the way you have it set up is that if there is one username in the list, you’re going to get the error message anytime you type anything.

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So what can I do.?
Because this is what I had done after what I understood from bubble.

Well I have been creating my app based on this editor

And this is my app in editor

I can’t see any difference between the two. Can you please help me out

I see what’s happening. This isn’t quite how I was thinking of setting it up, but it definitely works.

Access this by double clicking on the “username exists” text in the editor:

Then, click on the text in the “When” box that says “search for usernames:” You should see this pop open:

You want to add a new constraint, and this is where you would check to make sure that the Input’s value is not in the username list. If you do these exact steps on the example one you posted, you will also see this.


thanks once again. how are you so good at this thing:grin:

Everything is working pretty fine. But there is one problem. I want to ensure that whenever a user visits my app for the first time only then he should be asked to create a username. The next time when he visits my app then he should be directly be taken back to the profile page and not required to create a username.
How can I accomplish this task?

Please Help

Create a field on the user called “isNewUser.” By default, it’s yes. Once that user signs up and creates a username, change the “isNewUser” to no. Make the popup only appear if “isNewUser = yes”

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so are you saying that I have to make changes to my databse. Right?

Just like this?? I can’t make change to my database. Whenever I select make a change to thing, in the dropdown menu I can’t select my database or my feildd

well in my database I have 2 different datatypes. The default datatype user and the one that i created Username. I am using username for my app. How can I make change to that datatype and the default data type?

I am getting this error. Over here I am trying to make changes to my feild isNewUser but I Just can’t do that.
Please Help

Your parameters are incorrect. Have a look in your app and the popup’s workflow.
Why have you got user and username in your database? You can do it in user, you don’t need to have two different once, it will complicate things for you.

Well going back and working with the User database will take a lot of time. So it would be great if you could help me out in this situation

Should the field that you have mentioned be a text field or a yes/no field ??

Either would work, but for simplicity, I would do a “yes/no.” This will help you control the flow better. Keep playing with it, you’ll get there!

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I am getting this as an error. I have the field as a text field . Don’t know where I am I going wrong. Please Help

On the “Thing to change,” you simply need to put Current User. When you do that, the box now looks like this:

Then, you click the “Change another field” button, that’s where you would set the isNewUser to “no”

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Like I did in his example

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Actually I have two datatbases. The user one which is default and I have created another databse by the name username. In the username databse i have created all my fields and also isNewUser field. But when try to make change to a thing and select Change Another Field I just cannot find my isNewUser feild. please help