Unlink google account

Can I unlink a google account from my bubble account and change the email address?

That’s something you do on the google side, removing the authorization for the app.


So you lose access to your account?

I’m also facing this issue. There doesn’t seem to be a graceful way to unlink the Google account once it is linked to a Bubble user account.

Deleting the Bubble user was the only way.

To reproduce, using Facebook account A and Google accounts C, D.

  1. Login using Facebook A
  2. While logged in as A, also login as C - Bubble account is created with email A, and linked to Google C. Either A or C can be used to access this account.
  3. Limitation: I want to unlink C from A, and instead link D with A - the only way is to delete the Bubble user since workflow only allows “Signup/login”, not unlink.

Please let me know if there is a graceful way to unlink the Google account C from A.

I’ve run into this issue where a previous user forgot to logout of their Facebook, and the next user logged in using Google, and the 2 accounts got merged. I will have to block this scenario with explicit “not logged in” checks.

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You can unlink your Google account from Bubble by going to your Google settings, clicking “My Account”, selecting the Security menu, locating the “Third-party apps with account access” section, and removing the authorization from Bubble.io.

From there, you should go to bubble.io, click the “Sign in” button, and follow the password reset flow to create a new password for your account.


That’s something you do on the google side, removing the authorization for the app.

This would not free the original Google account for another app account though. Is there a way to properly remove any association FROM BUBBLE such as beeing able to create a new account with oauth?

This is a problem I have faced several times and there has been no solution apart from deleting the account.

There should be a clean way to unlink a google account from bubble account. At the moment once a bubble account is linked with a google account, it just gets linked to it forever. No other bubble account can be linked to the same google id.

Only one somewhat okay solution that I got and works in my use-case is to link the account with another google id.

So let’s say user-a logs in with usera@gmail id and user-b logs in with userb@gmail id. Now if we want userb to actually link usera@gmail id then what we can do is have user-a link with userc@gmail first. That unlinks user-a from usera@gmail id and removes that id from the system altogether. Now we can link userb with usera@gmail as fortunately overwriting of linked google id works.

This works in my case as these users are our employees and I can have them link their accounts with different ids for short while etc.