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I have an idea for a new web application that is fully financed through ads. Users can unlock premium features through watching ad videos (just like mobile apps with admob). Sure it will be possible through API but what about tracking the end of a video? Does anyone already implemented this kind of monetization?

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What about showing the ad and only allowing them to close the ad after a certain amount of time. Depending on the length of the ad maybe after 10 seconds then the close out button shows up. Like what they do in apps. This could probably do what you want. If they are 30 second ads then make the close out button show up 30 seconds later. I don’t recommend too long or no one will want to wait that long though. Hope that is helpful. :grin:

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Just sign up for any affiliate/advertising network that allows videos ads and set up your tracking information.

These networks handle through their platform the firing of an event(normally a post hook) to let you know the user watched the video. Previously to that when any user started to view a video you called the network url with a parameter that identifies your user in bubble as the network will fire the post call your way with that same Id so you can identify the user on your side who watched the video.

You just need to create in your bubble app a WF API endpoint that handles that post.

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