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Unreachable page live version

Hello !

I’m turning live my first bubble app, and I have a question relative to the differences between live and development versions.

I’m working on pages I don’t want to be live yet, how could I keep working on them in the development version and make them unreachable in the live version please? Or at least unreachable for non admin users. If I put a condition in the WF like "when page is loaded and user is not admin => go to…) but I really don’t want this page to load at all…

Any help? :slight_smile: Thx a lot in advance

Seems like this is your best bet. Put up a big white group to show on page load so that even if a user goes to the page, the page will look blank and then quickly navigate them away.

Learn no code →

:confused: not the “cleanest” solution

Alternatively, you could group the entire page and set it to “Not visible”. In the conditions you then set that this is only visible if one is admin or one is on the development version. Add a “Do when condition is true”, which sends the user back immediately. Most of the time the page is not even loaded correctly and you are navigated back.

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