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Hello all,
I have a “stupid” question with regards of Logging in Users and page view.
So far, I have created login/sign up pages and once logged in , the user would have been sent to a page ( for example the main page “main_page” ) .
Once I test it, everything works perfectly, however I have noticed that the URL will eventually be appname.bubble/version-test/main_page .
Now the question is :
if I am not logged in and I type the url appname.bubble/main_page technically speaking do I skip the login phase? and even if not logged in/ or registered, would I be able to access to the main_page ? Because when I test It NOT IN DEPLOYMENT MODE, that’s what happens. Hence Do I have to put a condition on the page itself, and make it visible once the current user is logged in?

Or bubble will hand everything, once I deploy it? For instance, you wont see the url page name, or something else?

I hope it makes sense what I am asking,

No the way it works is that, when you create pages on bubble, you can navigate to any of the pages even without logging in, you have to create a logged in functionality that helps you distinguish between a logged in page and logged out, you can also make some conditionals on the header, this will help you define roles, also, you can send conditions on pages like when when page is loaded and current user is logged out navigate to page login, this way a logged out user can’t access that page

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Thank you very much for the explanation.
And yes It is a good solution to navigate back if not logged in… did not think about it…


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