Unsplash plugin not showing images

Hi! Has anyone used the unsplash api?

I want to be able to select a photo from unsplash and add it to my app. The problem is I the photos aren’t being pulled for some reason.

I created a group using Unsplash search photos, then in that group, I have a repeating group and the data source is Unsplash search photo results… I have a search param tied to an input box, so the images should show up when something is typed… In the repeating group, I have an image and text box pulling the regular URL and no luck with images showing…

I’ve added my app and secret to the plugin. Don’t get why this isn’t working. Has anyone else had this issue in getting images to be displayed?

Hi Pete,

Yup, I’m getting the same issue.

Did you have any luck solving? Any one else out there with a solution?

Thanks in advance,


No, nothing yet. I’ve moved onto other features.

Having the same issues. I tried going around the plugin and setting it up thru Bubble’s API connector and managed to make it show images from Unsplash, but it’s not reacting to search inputs at all. It feels like it’s Unsplash’s API fault and not the plugin.

Did anyone manage to solve this issue?