Unsplash plugin help

Heyo, has anyone sucesfully used this unsplash image plugin? I can’t for the life of me work out how it works - Search Free Photos from Unsplash Plugin | Bubble

Make sure you’re actually writing Client-ID with a space afterwards followed by your access key.

Example: Client-ID fUUJFTL3pde9SOYU9CCY

No like I actually dont know how to use it, there’s no actions for the plugins in the workflows

It’s a data call. So the info is retrievable via the ‘get data from external api’. This is found when working with your expressions in the editor.

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ah okay see got it, no clue how to display the image - also, is it possible to use this plugin to get a list of images instead of one (only if you have used it of course)

Use a image element, and for the dynamic expression, use the ‘get data from external api’ and use the image.

I’ve used Unsplash API before, but this plugin doesn’t support anything other than one api call, “Search Photo”.

I’m not affiliated with this plugin. You’re best bet is to look at the api in the plugin as an example and build your own in the API Connector plugin.