Image show up in Inspect, but not in app

I’m prototyping a house search app. I’m trying to display an image (or a carousel of images) for each house in a list. The data is coming from a plugin I wrote that simply wraps an API.

The image doesn’t show up in the app–it’s just a white blank box inside my RepeatingGroup. However, when I Inspect the image in Preview mode, it shows up correctly and even shows a little image preview:

Here’s the data source for the image:

The RepeatingGroup’s datasource is the API call’s bundle.

The plugin returns JSON for a list of houses in a bundle object. Each house in the bundle list contains a media object with a list of image urls and metadata I’ve defined this way:

Once I get the image working, I’ll move onto getting the sideshow carousel to work.

Thanks! -Gerry

Did you ever resolve this? Having the same issue.

Turns out it’s because the image urls are http urls but bubble is https.
Tie bubble to your own http domain to fix this.

How would I do this? Not sure how, I’m a beginner and Im using Wordpress

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