Update Data Fields For Live Data

Hi everyone,

I created a Review data type with 2 text elements for a brand and product name. This relied on the user searching for and inputting the brand and product name exactly as written in the database for certain details, like the product image, to appear in the user’s account. I have since replaced these inputs with a search for the Product data type by brand/product name, so that user data is directly related to a Product data type.

All that to say, the Reviews data type in development mode is using the new Product data field while the live Reviews still use the old fields. I plan to manually update the data for the handful of signed up users so that their data is now connected to Products. How do I update the live data type with the updated data fields without having to migrate any user data between the two versions? The ‘copy and restore database’ action copies actual data between dev/live but I only want the data fields updated.

TL;DR - I need to update the data fields for a data type in live mode without affecting the actual data.

Hey there,

I dont think im fully understanding the issue, you can update the live DB structure only by pushing an update to it, typically when making certain modifications that might look like:

Live DB:
User has First name and last name fields

Test DB:
User has a combined First/last name field

To convert this structure across without losing data, we would need the Test DB to keep all 3 fields, then when the change is pushed live we run a backend workflow to make changes to each user and merge the data from the old fields to the new one, then delete the old field.

I hope that helps somewhat?

That did the trick! I had deleted some fields in the test DB before attempting to merge with the live DB. Thank you!

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