Update database via CSV

I’m using “upload data as CSV” workflow, however when you upload a CSV file with entries that already exist, it just creates duplicates. struggling to find any information on how to check whether an ID already exists - if so then update all fields associated with this ID.

even the built in “modify” option in the data section is no good because you have to use Bubbles unique IDs.

You could export your existing data, get rid of rows on your csv to upload that contain ids from the exported csv.

Then upload the csv to upload.

unfortunately that won’t work, I basically have a film database and need an upload solution so that other colleagues can update the film database by uploading a csv. sometimes films get uploaded with minimal data as that is all that’s available at the time, so when we get the rest of the data we need to update the existing films in the database with the additional data. I’m the only one with direct access to bubble so I need to provide a page where others can simply upload a file that will update the database and add new entries all at the same time.

Hello, I created a plugin to work with various csv file formats, the plugin has many features that can be useful for you.

If you want, give the ID of the application and I will activate it for you for free so that you can use it in the app.

CSV Data Manipulation Plugin | Bubble

If you want another feature, I can add it for you.

oh wow that would be great, hatchfarmstudios is the app ID

I have included your ID app and it can be installed from the plugin tab.

If you face any issues or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me for assistance.

Once you have used the plugin, if you could spare a moment to leave a review of your experience, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

much appreciated, I will test it out today

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If you are still stuck - have a look at Features | csvbox.io - there is a Bubble plugin here - CSV to Bubble.io

had a look at the plugin but I don’t think it achieves what I need. I’m using the built in fileuploader to upload CSVs that update my database, I need something in the workflow to check if any of the titles in the CSV file exist in the database - if so skip these titles/only create unique items

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Thank you for your feedback on our plugin.
To better understand your request, could you please provide some more details about the feature you want? This will help us evaluate its feasibility and compatibility with our plugin and we will add it if possible.

  1. upload csv file to database
  2. check if any items in the csv file exist in the database (checking column A “SKU” against database field “SKU”)
  3. add item if it doesn’t exist, update item if it does
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I created a new action to filter the records of the file. In other words, you can do what you wanted now.

You can explore this action in workflows in the Playground plugin link. After the confirmation of the bubble, it will be available to you.

Note: Creating and updating the database is beyond the reach of plugins.

Hi I am not sure how to upload a cv that will update a specific field (e.g. text or date). Should I use a plugin? Which is the key to make sure that the correct record will be updated?