Update - Enter Key to send on PC (Chat/Messaging Scenario)

Here’s an update to this post response >> Multi-line user input - Allow an option for "Enter" to send - #3 by georgecollier

The only problem I had with the above solution was that, the code affects all the multiline input on the app. (Enter will trigger the “send” function for every multiline input on your app) but I needed it to work for my message multi-line input alone as I was building an SPA.

To target a desired input, install the Toolbox plugin and use the “Run Javascript” action on page load event to run the code below:

$(‘#multiLine’).keydown(function (e) {
if (e.keyCode == 13 && !e.shiftKey) {
if ($(‘#enter’).length) {

Note that “multiLine” and “enter” (could be an id of your choice, just be sure it matches what you have in the code too.) are HTML ids you need to add to your input and send element (group or button) id field respectively.