Issue with multi line input

Hi, I am adding a chat area to my app and I want the “enter” key to send the chat content. I had a plugin to capture this and trigger my message workflow but I was getting strange results.

So I thought I would just write my own little bit of JS in a HTML element but I am having the same issue.

When I manually click “send” it sends my message correctly. When I use “enter” to trigger the JS, which is just faking the “send” click the message gets truncated to just the first character.

Does anyone have any ideas? I have added screenshots from the bubble debug that shows what it thinks is the value but also the console.log which is what seems like the value is to me (also the form is showing what I would expect).

Hopefully someone out there has the answer!

Just an extra note, the same setup with a normal single line input field seems to work fine. So I guess there is some sort of conflict with the fact that the multi-line input uses the “enter” key to start a new line.

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