Update function not called when data changes (field edited)

Note this issue is about element plugin development.

I’m not sure if this is by design or bug so I’m posting here first to get a response before filing a bug report.

The update function of a plugin element which has a list of things as input doesn’t get called when a thing’s field is modified but gets called when a thing is deleted or added.

So I have an element plugin that gets a list of things (e.g. Calendar Events) from the bubble database and display in the browser.
When a field of a thing is changed (e.g. end date) external (e.g. another page changing it or changing it directly from the data tab) , the update function from the plugin doesn’t get called.
So in this example I’m not able to detect the change and rerender the calendar event in thr browser.
I noticed that the change is propagated to the browser though (mget is called) but the plugin doesn’t see the change in order to take action.
So in this case the Callander will be displaying the old event end date but if I display the event details the new end date is shown.

Deletion or addition of a thing to the source though calls thr update function.
So in this example adding or deleting a new calendar event calls my update function so I’m able to refer hand rerender my vcoander events.

I expect that both an edit, add and delete should all call the update function of the plugin but it seems an edit doesnt call it.

@Emmanuel, @neerja is this by design or a bug?
If it’s by design how do I detect when a change in (an edit)?

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