Update input calculation result automatically

Update input calculation result automatically

Hey guys, beauty?

I started using Bubble recently and I have a question.

I fetch data from a cryptocurrency exchange using API sending it to a Repeating Group. Then I calculate the difference between the buy and sell prices in percentage (spread) and the result of the calculation I put in an input, the RG data is updated every 10 seconds.

My question is: how to make this input also be updated according to the new RG data?

Today the input only calculates when the page is opened, when the RG data changes, the input remains with the old value. I even tried to do something similar to the RG in Input through the workflow, but I couldn’t.

Obs* I don’t store the data in a database, I just visualize it in real time.

I have some inputs with a “initial value”, and when I want it to refresh, I just reset the group the input is in, than the “initial value” will reset as well

Maybe this will give you some ideas. I didn’t understand that well what you’ve done haha

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