Updating repeating group data with one button

Hi, I am trying to update the score in each RG cell from an input. The input value changes automatically based on there data in a database. I am trying to add a button that would update all the cells with one click:

When input value changes, I am setting a state in a repeating group to store the input value:

Then once update all is clicked, I make changes to a list and update the score with set state value:

But I can’t get it to work. I read a lot of topics about it, but I can’t get them to work.

I would appreciate some help and step by step guidelines.

Thank you

Hey @kaya

Thanks for the post! And interesting scenario. It can sometimes be difficult to understand the full context of what someone’s trying to accomplish, through a post so let me make sure we’re on the same page.

You’re updating an input that is in one cell of the repeating group and would like for that update to then be reflected in the rest of the cells of the repeating group if you press the update all button? Is that right?

Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, it could be worth having the ‘when input’s value is changed’ workflow actually make the change to the database item the cell is based on. This way, you have a database value that you can pull from as you update the other cells.

If this is just a visual thing, you could also consider a conditional on the input that is something to the effect of ‘when RepeatingGroup Snippet’s VoC to Update is not empty’ initial content = and then have the inputs display the state’s value. Keep in mind, this method wouldn’t by default actually change anything in the database, but depending on what you’re trying to do, could help as well.

Finally, we’re here to help! You can always email us directly at Support@Bubble.io with additional questions on this and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

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