Update slugs for several hundred entries

Hi all,

I know that I can update slugs for app data via bulk upload or modification, which is a real bummer and I don’t understand why that’s not possible.

However, that being the case, is there another way to update/change the slugs for an existing, larger number of app data entries?

Right now the slug field is empty for all entries and I would like to set it to a unique 3 digit code for each of them.

No need to get bummed out. You can easily run a API WF on DB to set the slug either using a recursive, or if only a few 100 records just click the bulk update button on DB and select the API WF.

Thank you for the kind words :smiley: Who would have thought that it could be so easy?
Nearly soiled myself while I ran the workflow hoping to not cause irreversible damage, but it worked.

Much appreciated!

I didn’t know this was a feature! Best thing I’ve read today!