Creating a slug for each thing

I just got custom SEO working and would like to update a things page to a custom slug. I semi understand API workflows but would basically like to run an action that will create the dynamic slug for all the existing databases things from the specific type. I created the field “slug” within the thing, but how can I update all the live data with the dynamic slug before actually publishing? Or do I have to push the update and then quickly run a workflow to update all the slugs?

This is your best option, IMO. If your list is too long (+100 items) or just long, you can loop recurring workflows to make it happen.

or maybe:

as well as other options. I don’t know how big your list is or if this is even the most efficient, but it might also make sense to download the csv of your table, make changes with a script, sheets/excel, even notepad’s find and replace, and reupload it?

Thanks Duke, In the interim I built a Data Sync button in my admin page to make changes to a list of things field. Right when I published to live, I clicked the button to get the job done. A manual API update if you will haha.

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