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[UPDATED] Upload Buddy - Take Control of Your Bubble Storage! (v1.2.0)

Can it crop images now?

Hi @shu.teopengco, thanks for your interest in my plugin. No, it does not. It was never mentioned as a planned feature.

That said, I haven’t ruled out the possibility, but I have no near-term plans to implement it. If/when I do, I’ll announce it here in the forums.



Hi @shot! I’m loving your plugin so far, but I have the following issue, when I upload an image from my device camera it rotates itself and thus ruins the UX :frowning: Is there a way to fix this?

In advance thanks!

Hi @pipeleteli. Hmm, well the plugin does examine the photo metadata and reorient the image if need be. Which device are you using, and would it be possible to send me the raw (straight from the device) version of an image that’s not properly oriented after uploading?

Please send it via PM if you can.

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Thanks for this plug in, just purchased.
I am developing a social media app that will allow users to upload photos.
whats your recommendation on : 1) allowable file types (mobile mainly) 2) setting for max file size (I am thinking 500 KB covers the medium photo size on Iphone?) - how do I set that in the conditionals?

Hi @stephenrbrowne, thanks for supporting my efforts.

That’s entirely up to you, but if it’s an image-based site, you probably want to restrict uploads to only images so that folks aren’t uploading zip archives, disk images, binary executables, or anything else that can’t be viewed in the context of a web page. JPEG, PNG, and GIF would likely cover the bases.

It’s important to understand that you must implement the Bubble logic to enforce the allowable upload types. Upload Buddy provides information about the selected file so that you can implement your desired logic. The plugin is pretty well documented, so I would recommend checking that out.

There really is no optimal recommendation. It depends on your target demographic, the type of connectivity they will likely have, the size at which the images will be displayed (will they be viewed on big desktop screens?), and how frugal you wish to be about your Bubble storage. 500K certainly sounds reasonable for decent sized JPG.

You’d likely want to restrict uploads by mime type and file extension. Keep in mind that restricting uploads is not automatic. The plugin provides you with information about the selected file, but the onus is on you, the Bubble developer, to implement your desired logic/UX using standard Bubble techniques. Again, check the docs (and perhaps the demo edit mode as well); and if you encounter any issues, let me know.



thanks for that. I see the logic now in the Demo version in Bubble.
one thing, I see the photos are being uploaded at 90 degree angle on the demo

Yes, this issue was just reported. Something’s apparently changed since the plugin was released with regard to how EXIF data is handled, as it’s been working fine for months. I will post here when the issue is resolved.

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Just a quick follow-up. This issue has been identified, and a solution is being implemented. Turns out that the API’s being used by the plugin are now automatically orienting images based on EXIF data, so that started conflicting with the plugin, which had been doing this automatically behind the scenes.

The solution will take more of a hands-off approach to image orientation but still allow some control by the Bubble dev. I expect to release an update my mid to late week. I’ll announce it here.

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Great! Thanks :slight_smile:

Version 1.2.0 Now Available

This release of Upload Buddy includes the following changes:

  • :wrench: [FIX] Some image files were incorrectly auto-rotated when selected.
  • :white_check_mark: [NEW] Action to rotate an image in 90 degree increments.
  • :white_check_mark: [NEW] Custom thumbnail size configuration option.

If there are any questions, let me know. Feedback is welcome and appreciated. (Thanks, @pipeleteli, for reporting the rotation issue. )

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HI @shot
I am looking for a plugin which can retrieve geo tag from photo.
Is this plugin can do it ?
If no, do you have the plan to upgrade?

Hi @KeitaroNakata, thanks for your inquiry. No, this plugin does not expose EXIF data, and there are currently no plans to do so.

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Documentation link:

Thanks for the heads-up, @marco1. Here are the updated links…