[New Plugin] Uppy File + Webcam Uploader

Uppy is a feature rich multi-file uploader widget from uppy.io

demo page

  • Feature-rich multi-file uploader w/picker
  • Record audio & video, audio only, video only, and pictures directly from the user device and save to bubble aws.
  • Uploaded status of the files in queue
  • Preview of image files in queue
  • Restrict by mime/file types, size of upload, file quantity
  • No additional subscription or accounts required

Please check the docs at uppy.io

  • Has the standard 50mb max upload limit
  • Does not support many of the ‘server side’ features requiring ‘uppy companion’ hosted server instance
  • Please please be aware that some of the features included in this plugin are in BETA.

Maybe you should link the actual plugin so people can directly view it. Perhaps create a demo page and link it as well.

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I’m glad you’re anxious to check it out 007. The original post has been updated.

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Looks great! Is it possible to set a file size limit and reject any file/image that exceeds the limit?

Yup. You may set a max file size up to 50mb


Hi @jon2, I’m trying to view the editor from the demo page but it says I do not have permission to view it. Can you please make the editor public? Thanks.

Files are also not showing in the ‘uploaded’ section when I click upload?

This looks very promising and would be amazing for an app I have. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite work yet. It’s awkward to initiate upload, but it does create an entry and url in the database, but it’s only 46bytes and doesn’t work. It’s like the file header gets created but not the file itself.

Please update us ASAP when it’s functioning :wink:

I’ve pushed an update. Let me know if you still have trouble

Sorry Jon, it still doesn’t work. I tried your update. It looks really nice though.

I’m having some issues with the plugin editor. should have resolved soon

Thanks for working on the plugin. The uploads appear in the repeating group, but when I go to the actual file URL, nothing appears.

file download issues have been resolved

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Thanks, it’s working now. Is the ‘upload complete’ event working for you, since when I put it in the workflow nothing runs.

I’ll take a look. I have included many available parameters and events for the uppy.io widget, but they have not all been tested. Please let me know if you discover any other issues and I’ll try to address them

I’ve updated the plugin triggers to be more clear and work better. The plugin demo page now has a way to test them out

Here are the available events:

  • A file added to the uploader
  • A file removed from the uploader
  • A single file uploaded (fires for each file in the uploader that is uploaded)
  • A upload session complete (fires once for each group of files uploaded)

When a trigger is fired individual file events, the exposed states of the plugin page element are now updated so you can read the properties of those files in bubble

  • Current file name
  • Current file type
  • Current file extension
  • Current file size

@jon2 I’m currently away from my computer, but is there a way to flag the file so we can automatically delete it at some point? Can we save the file image itself to a thing?

I did include an ‘attach to’ capability, where you may specify a thing you want the file attached to the uppy element properties. I’m not sure if you would be able to reassign the attach to input value in real time though. I’ve toyed around with it and it seems to only like static thing values that are preassigned are working for me. Pointing to a thing in a page state didn’t work for me, although I didn’t test it too much. The way the thing is loaded into the plugin should allow for both so I’d be curious if anyone else can make this work

I’ve just tested the demo page and unfortunately it still looks like ‘alert on uploads complete’ is still non-functional. You can test it by ticking the box and uploading a file; no alert will show when the file has finished uploading.

Check the page. It has been addressed. Added a new exposed state list of texts showing a list of uploaded URLs if you wish to grab them all at once after the upload session is complete.

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