[UPDATED v2.2.0] 😃 Sudsy Page router for SEO-friendly clean URLs! (by Tech-Tonic)

Hi Chris, thanks for your purchase.

If I understand correctly, you’re asking not about using the plugin on the index page, but rather about redirecting from the index page to another page that uses the plugin. From a technical standpoint, I see no reason why that wouldn’t work, but whether or not it’s a good approach from an SEO perspective, I couldn’t say, as I don’t consider myself an SEO expert. I also haven’t created a multi-lingual site, but I know there are others who have, so perhaps they can offer some insights on the best approach.

Just use a Bubble Link element, as it generates an anchor <a> tag on the page. That’s what it’s for. The plugin’s Go to URL action was added primarily for the benefit of those creating single-page apps (SPAs) who don’t want the URL appearing on mouse-over (as most browsers do with hyperlinks). It can be used for any navigation where SEO is not a concern. There is no need to use both.

Again, I’m not really in a position to make SEO recommendations, so I can’t comment on the sitemap issue. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of info, though, with a forum or internet search.

As I describe in this post, however, Google does seem to render dynamic content and thus see each unique URL as a separate “page” to index (even though it’s technically a single Bubble page).

Hope that helps somewhat.