Updating a list of things

Hey All,

I wonder if you can help with the following issue;

Currently I have two Repeating Groups with a Toggle in RG “A” & this updates to show what items are available in RG “B”.

The approach I have aimed to use is when a user clicks on the Toggle, this updates the Database table with isVisible “no” & when the click on the Toggle to display it again is shows to isVisible “yes”.

The issue I am facing is that in the backend work flow I cannot update the multiple items in RG “B” from the toggle in RG “A”, note, I do have unique identifiers which match the multiple line items of RG “B” with the single item in RG “A”.

How would I make use of updating a “List of Things”, a step by step guide would be very helpful

If someone could please help with getting multiple items in the Database to update based on the following work flow that would be really helpful.

Thanks in advanced

What’s the issue you’re facing? Why can’t you update the list from RG B?