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Updating a live app with a newer version

I’m getting started on an MVP and I’d like to know how the aspect of pushing updates works on Bubble. For example, if I have live users, I wouldn’t want to break anything with an update.

  1. What should I keep in mind (apart from proper quality testing in preview mode) before I push an updated version of the app? For example, I have a feeling it would be complicated to add more database data structures (or “things”) in future versions if the app assumes that every user will have those filled in (because obviously, the existing users will not have these entries filled in). This is just one example. Are there any general principles to follow before I get stuck in?

  2. Moreover, is it a good idea to keep the initial version v1.0 for desktop only and make it mobile-responsive via subsequent updates, using a v2.0 and onwards?