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New Versions of a Webapp to be Pushed to Live Version

Hi Everyone, I will highly appreciate your help.

We are planning to release our Web app in 4 phases:

  1. MVP 01 (10% of all features we are planning to offer)
  2. MVP 02 (additional +30%, which means the web app will be “Total 40%”)
  3. MVP 03 ( additional +60%, which mean the web app will be "Total of 100%)
  4. Final Version ( 100% of all planned feature plus or minus what the users’ feedback force us toward)

My question now is: What is the right approach when it comes to DB Design and structure?

(a) worry only about MVP 01 DB structure, release, and then for the following versions keep modifying?
(b) Design the whole expected DB structure and use only what is needed in each Version when the time comes?
(c) Both approaches are not optimal and the expert recommendation would be…

DB Design is crucial and the most important thing when scaling. If you’re going to rebuild this part later on, expect to go through a lot of bug-fixing and development time. Should you need professional guidance, do send me a private message and happy to discuss further :+1:

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To be honest, by the time you are through the MVP stages your app probably has changed so much that a lot of the design choices you made at the start do not make much sense anymore. Use the best practices for perfomance, modulair design using reusables, custom events etc. This way as little time as possible is wasted when you need to rebuild. The power of Bubble is to be able build fast so don’t be afraid to (re)build. In case of questions, feel free to contact me.

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Hi @gerbertdelangen, thanks for your response, I totally agree with you regarding the design, but my main concern now is the DB design and how it is being structured, what are the best path I should follow, to get started quickly with MVP 01, yet not to screw things over when I reach MVP 02 and MVP 03 ?

Then my advice is “try to predict the future” :grinning: . Design the database with the completed product in mind as much as possible, You do not need to put in all the tables and fields yet, omly the ones you need.

Use the best practices and help available, f.i.:

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Thanks a lot for your guidance! @gerbertdelangen I will follow your advice, try, find out what kind of mistakes I make, and will share it here again for others to be wiser than me :smiley:

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Thanks a lot, @nocodeventure when I face a dead end I will surely get back to you :slight_smile: