Updating a thing conditionally

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Basically I have a form for a user to submit their record label to my database, it has the option of adding an image, description, Facebook link, Twitter link, Soundcloud link, Beatport link and website link.

I also have a separate page to update those details whenever they wish. Now what I am aiming to achieve is, say the original addition of the label didn’t include a Facebook link, so the user has now come to the update page to add that link, how do I make my update form only update that one input? Currently it updates everything and removes all other info apart from said Facebook link that the user just entered into the field.

I hope that makes sense to you all, I tried to explain it the best I can.

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You can set the initial content of the other fields to Current Page’s Record Label’s Field, that way the inputs aren’t empty. You’re still saving everything again, but you’re saving it with the exact same info that was already there.

Alternatively, you could use autobinding on the fields and have it save automatically, only when that specific field is changed.

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for that, it has sorted the ability to update the links etc. But I’m now stuck trying to update the Logo as I can’t seem to do that with Autobinding?

Here is an example of the update screen…

Here is the autobinding option on the ‘Update Label Logo’ button/input (it doesn’t find any fields to edit…

Now what is happening in my workflow is ‘When Update Label Button’ is clicked the ‘Label Logo’ field of my label data is set to update from ‘Update Label Logo’s Value’, I can’t get that to initally be the value of the image above it, if that makes sense?.

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So I don’t quite know what just happened but it has now allowed me to select the info that I want and my problem is solved :+1:.

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