Updating/changing user profile's details

i want to make a page where a user can update his profile. For example changing profile photo or nickname. I have set somethingbut the problem is that everytime for example you ONLY want to change your nickname, it changes all the other details to null because they are not filled in for changing.

For example i want to change mine profile photo, i upload something but the other fields like nickname and email are empty because you dont want to change them, after saving the field that were empty ar updated to null. So what i want is just that you can update/change some details of your account, but now if i want to change 1 thing, it deletes other things

This is the page to modify your profile:

this is the workflow:

Hi there, @samedgurses46… those fields are saving as empty because your workflow is telling the system to take the value that is in the input (which is empty) and update the field for the user to that value (which, again, is empty).

To create a profile update feature, you will want to set the initial content of those inputs to their existing values for the current user. So, when the user accesses the update area, those inputs should have values in them instead of being empty (unless they are currently empty for the user, of course). Does that makes sense?

Hope this helps.


Hi @mikeloc,

thank you for your respond. It works fine now, but is there a option to also set the initial content/pre fill the image uploader with current user’s profile image?

Yes, same way… Dynamic image, current user’s picture

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