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Make changes to a thing when no content yet

I am trying to create a settings page for users to store personal data. I want that data to be saved into the database and display once they apply for a job without making the user fill this data again. What I am doing is creating a workflow for the button “update profile” (in the settings page) with “Make changes to Current User” but it does not save them the data anytime they log out making them type that data again each time they log in. Also, in this way, the app is making them complete their information again everytime they apply for a job.

¿Anyone knows what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advanced

Hi @beeatrizlb
in your workflow, aren’t you by accident setting ex. name to be Current User’s name
instead of name = Input Name’s value
I made this silly mistake once or twice by oversight

Are you certain the data isn’t being saved in your database?

Have you checked the settings on whatever elements you are using to display the information in the settings page that they are linked to the correct data?