Updating Data of a profil in the Data Base


I have created a profile page for the users of my site.
When they register, they are asked for basic information such as :

First name

However, a registered user can fill in other data about him/her via his/her profile such as :

His/her address
His/her national registration number
His phone number

My problem is the following:

When a user modifies a data in his profile that was not requested during registration, it does not appear in the database.

On the other hand, if he modifies his name, first name or email then the modification is done in the database.

I’m new to Bubble, your help will be precious.


Hi there, @jonathan.panarotto… what you described should be as simple as setting fields in the data type equal to the input elements on the form. So, if you can share some screenshots (mainly one of the workflow that is supposed to be saving the data), I’m sure someone can help you figure out what’s going on.


Is this screenshot ok for you ?

That is just one of the inputs on the form. Do you have a workflow in place to save the data when a button is clicked?

This is my workflow when we click on the button “Sauvegarder”

So, where are you saving the rest of the data?

You aren’t setting the rest of the fields equal to the inputs on the form. Click the Add all fields link just below the Change another field button (or add the fields one at a time with that button), and set the fields equal to their corresponding inputs from the form.

Oh, and just a quick tip here… make sure you label your inputs in an intuitive manner. Currently, your user_first_name and user_last_name inputs are both labeled Input, and that will be a nightmare to manage because you have no idea which input is which.

Thank you so much !

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I’m trying but it’s not working.

My input :

My workflow :

My data base :

Without being able to see exactly what you are doing (and exactly how you are testing it), it’s hard to say, but if you have a field that you are setting to an input’s value when a button is clicked and the field and the input have the same type, it should work. I would tell you to check the privacy rules on the User data type, but even the default privacy rule on that data type shouldn’t get in the way of a user saving their own data. So, check the debugger and see if it can help you figure out why it’s not working.