Adding more data to a user profile using a form

I am trying to add a set of data, input by the user through a form on a page, to his/her account, and show it somewhere else.
Now I am stuck with the reading of that data.
Imagin i have a user logged in, filling a form later that has an “address” box and I want to merge this address into their account.
what should I do with the submit workflow and inputs type?
I use users input for the address box.

First make sure that your user data type has a field called address. This is under the “data” tab. Add a text field called address

When the user hits the submit button. The workflow action you want it “make changes to a thing”

set the thing to change to “current user” and set the users address field to the user input for the address box

Thanks Anthony,
I’m a noob and im struggling at the moment, I did as you told me, but the problem is nothing changed in data set.

I tried in several ways, but when I want to make changes to the users, I choose the current user, and I couldn’t do this as u said
comment (it’s a field existing in data also) = input
and for a field I did it but it didn’t go to its section in data