Profile Update re-writing data fields

Hi all, i’m a bit of a noob at bubble but here’s my issue…

I’ve created an app where users, once logged in can add a profile, such as name, location, age and upload 4 profile pictures. Now the problem I have is, if the user would like to update a single field, such as there location for example, when the profile is displayed only the location of the user is displayed, so because the other fields were left blank, its saved only the location and wiped out the old data. I would like the data of that field to be updated only and the rest of the information to remain in the database.
Hope your understand my issue?

Hey @nikkdobson, Welcome to Bubble! :slight_smile:

Have you set the initial content of the other inputs to be “Current User’s [Field]” (Ex: Current User’s First Name, Current User’s Last Name" etc.? Then also check “this field should not be empty”. This way, if a User needs to update a single field, the other fields will contain the content the User previously saved. If the User has not entered this information yet, the fields will remain blank.

Here’s an example for what the First Name Input could look like: