Updating Date Time to new region

Hello, I could use some help, please. I’m currently working on moving my app’s static date data from one region to another. The process of updating the app itself is straight forward. However, I’m facing a challenge when it comes to the date and time information stored in the database. I’m wondering if there’s a way to update all the existing date and time data in the database to match the new regional date and time?

What exactly do you mean by ‘updating the date and time data’?

Bubble stores all dates as date time. Currently the date times are stored as Europe/London - I want to update everything that is stored as Europe/London to UTC. (The day light saving conversion is causing issues)

You mean you want to convert times in a specific time-zone to the same time in another time-zone?

Maybe do a backend proces in a list (all date fields that you want to alter) and subtract the amount of hours based on the current stored time zone? UTC is not a timezone so good thinking to store it as UTC and handle the time zone specifics in the frontend where it is presented to the user.