Updating Event data with Multiple Users

I’m trying to update a single event with multiple user’s name. Sort of like collecting names of people who are going to join an event. Ie: If you and I both “join” the same event, the DB would list both of our info.

But when I select, “Make changes to a thing,” it won’t provide me access to the DB that I want to change. I can’t figure out what I need to do differently. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

Here’s the screen shots I have so far.

Button to click:

Then triggers this workflow:

But what happens is a brand new record is created, with only user name.

Hi @sunnymw, sounds like you need to have a field under the Event data type that is a List of Users:

When “Join Workout” is clicked > you should make a change to the event (it would help if the popup in your screenshot had content-type = Event, data source coming from a “Display Data” action elsewhere on the page.

Updating the field would look like: “List of Participants add Current User”

By having the list field reference a list of User records, you’ll have access to all user info.

Here are 2 videos that should help with the concepts involved:

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@romanmg this is so helpful - thank you very much for the time you put into this.

I’m almost there, but am stuck on one last detail. I’m adding the Current User to the list of athletes, however Bubble is requesting I add a Current User property (screen shot below)

I watched videos but am not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas? Thank you again very much!