Event user signup - not working

I cant figure out how to build a workflow that will add the current user to the list of users attending an event stored on my site. what I’ve been trying to do, I attached in the photos. Any advice?


From your screenshot, you’re currently trying to make changes to a list of events…

So, in the List To Change field you need to define that list (and obviously that list must be a list of events).

But from your post, it sounds as though you’re actually trying to so something else (i.e. make changes to a single event, and add a User to its list of attendees).

So you’re using the wrong workflow action here for a start.

You need to use a ‘Make changes to a thing’ action, then define the thing to change (that will be the event you want to add the attendee to).

Then just set the field you want to change (i.e. the events list of attendees field), and Add the User who will be attending (I.e. the current user).

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Thank you so much! That was really helpful.

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